Glove recommendations?

My current gloves have disintegrated. Looking for something fingerless and relatively plain. Anyone got any recommendations?

i recommend you use the search function. it’s awesome!

Thanks for your annoyingly correct reply.


Knog gloves are nice, and they have some kind of crazy lifetime guarantee, no?

is this true? Cos I’ve got 2 pairs that need some lovin’. Researching now…

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oh man, you have been so misinformed on this…

Mine broke, They gave instant replacement! Their black ones are basic enough.

Also, didn’t edge guys beat the shit out of drunks and junkies back when edge first came about?

Well, as much as my user name suggests I’m not actually edge. So we can fight all we want. I’d like to start a movement called “common sense” but I don’t think I’d have many takers.

G. E. Moore would probably put his hand up. He is dead however…

I do not like my knog gloves. The seams dig in to the tip of my fingers.

funny thing is, i don’t think anyone was fighting.

Very true, although we have permission in place for the future now.

I hate spruiking about Specialized stuff on here and I really only do if it has merits. Specialized Body Geometry gloves are fantastic. They fit me like they were measured for my hand and the have good padding to protect the Ulnar Nerve from Guyon’s Canal Syndrome.

Do some research into the above and I’d say a lot of you have the first signs if you get tingling/numbness in your hands like the diagram shows below


Both my hands were virtually paralysed for about three months when I ignored it after riding back from Sydney (with just risers and Champ grips :|)

and i hate agreeing with matt on here, especially when it comes to specialized stuff, but i also love my specialized gloves. i don’t think i’d buy the white ones again though. apparently i’m filthy, and tend to wipe that filth with my gloves.

I had a Blue set fingerless but full thumb and gell pads that lasted me about 10 years
they were fantastic, but alas i cannot find similar :cry:

Now have knog’s that are poo, stitching split, ink ran, velcro crap ect,ect.

I am happy with mine. Not really plain though, I had a fit of self indulgence and got the Knievel ones.

Me too, i must have got a shit batch, i should pob take em in instead of slagging them off on forums :wink:

photos of knievel ones? what model/designation/current range. want!
Not usually a glove wearer but have sidi ones, fingerless and plainish, still going strong . Or royal from England…cheap as poop on wiggle.