Glove recommendations.

What do you all like?

For what style or riding?

For MTB, full finger, gel padded, Pearl Izumi Elite gel vent,

And then because I’m lazy, I just buy a second pair and use them for everything else.

Crochet fingerless gloves is where it’s at, don’t wear gloves on the roadie

Something for everything as I’m thrifty.

Then I second Geoff. PI gel vent gloves. Then when the fingers burst thru, cut them off into fingerless. Thru are comfy for me for long kms on the bike.

Defeet duragloves or no gloves are my two options.

Special Ed bg long fingers are my erryday choice.

esi grips and no gloves for the MTB.

Am still hunting for a good set of unpadding mitts for the road bike. My last set of Giro ones stretched badly and fell to bits very quickly.

Cheers everyone!

Hi erle!
No gloves on the mtb for me

Both sets of gloves were in the wash so for this mornings MTB ride I went bare handed on the ESI grips, got a bit slippery when the temp heated up. Will wear gloves if I can, but won’t forgo a ride :wink:



Whatever lbs has that fits well and not too padded. Good fit > padding.

Currently in rotation are a pair of Roeckl and a pair of PI Gel vent.

specialized grail glove, very minimal and highly functional

Specialized BG have been the most comfortable for me for both roadie and MTB. not (usually) cheap but i know your ebay-fu is strong :wink:

have a set of dakines for the MTB that seem pretty good, but havent seen a lot of use yet. used to love their snowboarding gloves so figured they were worth a try.

Those Defeet ones are pretty good for winter, and I chuck a liner in as well for the cold mornings.
I got given a pair of Ralfa pro mitts and they’re pretty good. Unpadded, lightweight, snug. Not worth $80 though: I replicated their exact fit and comfort with a set of unpadded long finger mtb gloves with the fingers cut off…

+1 PI gel vents, i have short and full finger. Although lately ive been going gloveless

I do agree fit>padding, and i prefer cuffs without a strap, just more comfy.

MTB ive got a set of TLD GPs and TLD ace

Oh and +another for Defeets for winter

What’s winter?