glow in the dark

anyone know anything about the volume cutters?

cheers, james

What do you want to know?

i dont care what the haters have to say i think that shit is jam hot… buy it.

TRUE, that frame looks freakin’ sick, i know the un-glowinthedark ones are tough as hell and awesome.

too bad this is not the ebay section. people with >25 posts can see ahhhhhhh!

can add matching glow in the dark oury grips, would look pretty sweet at night

Yeah, I gots me one.

Somewhere over the Pacific at the moment in a big jetplane!

This is JAM HOT! This is JAM HOT!

hey ten278

where did you buys yours from , ebay?

if you dont mind me asking, how much was postage?


haha thanks everyone now i think about getting myself one

Kombi -

Neg - didn’t get mine from eG-ay. Bought it through a contact I’ve been using a lot of late.

56cm mint glow frame, white Fu forks n shipping came to just over 600 AUD. Shipping component was $39 USD.

Your man Alflairdo (Alfredo) from Epic Bikes in CA is the guy who sells all the Cutters on eBay. He’s reliable, n $50usd frameset shipping is most reasonable.

Viva la exchange rate!

My mate got one of the black second gen ones.

Non-removable (ugly) decals = fail.

thanks ten

non removeable stickers, bumma

i saw on the web an article saying there is a red frame now

i need one in 59cm, i believe they do/did make them

will start hunting

Yeah, might’ve been the first gen ones. Pretty sure they’re removalable stickers now.

One of the guys in macaframa rides one, so thats a good reference

Decals on V2 & V3 are removable.

They’ve superseded the forest green colour and replaced it with a translucent red - looks too lubbbly! So colours now are: Raw (or rather, lack of colour!) translucent red, mint glow, white & black.