Go crazy on Friday?

Wonder what people could get away with…


Lets smash some shit.

i for one intend to ride no hands.

In a hoodie?

I might take my bell off

wtf dude! no need to make your bike unsafe!

I’m going to ride around with a beanie on the back of my head and see what happens.

on smith st? no-one will notice… on beach road - roadies will try and fight you, or be very scared.

i did that once when i forgot my helmet at work. In the 3k stretch i got heckled 3 times.

I think it’s already started… I ran a red in front of a cop this morning and thought I was totally gone, they did nothing… and here I was thinkng I should buy a lottery ticket

urghghhhhh I thought it was next friday. Im in Italy and wont be back for it. and my wrist is fixed.

I personally would much rather enjoy kicking back in Italy than being able to run reds ‘care-free’ for a day. But maybe my priorities are just all whack…

Wait, that Alleycat is this friday? Facebook event seems to say otherwise.

You mean Courier Cup #2? I thought that was next Friday.

I hope it is. Eh.

Don’t think I will be able to take part in running reds etc… because my wheels are getting fixed, what a bummer.
Hopefully they will be ready for the courier cup.

what the hell are you on about?
All this is saying is that the cops are supposedly relaxing a little on the smaller fines. It’s not an event or anything like that, you’re not missing out, so relax.
Sure they’ll be plenty more cops you can drop gnarly whipskids in front of and run reds on in the future.

oh and race 2 for CC is the following friday, the 7th.

hey, an opportunity to openly run reds and piss off motorists all day in melbourne, without any punishment doesnt come round too often.

they’re not saying they won’t catch you,just that they won’t issue on the spot fines, instead, you’ll have to go to court, and then get fined. i’m sure the police still view running red lights as pretty bad, though i imagine you can leave your helmet at home if you so desired.