Go crazy on Friday?

man, just when i’m starting to think, “hey, that thomy kid hasn’t said anything totally fucking stupid for a while, maybe he’s grown up a little bit and is considering what he says before hitting the ‘post quick reply’ button,” you going and say something like this. my house is the boulevard of broken dreams right now.

I can’t believe you’re disappointed because you’re in Italy and can’t make it, go ride some cobbles. Also if you bothered to read the article you would notice that it’s not just for one day it’s rolling out from friday and onwards.

going around openly pissing off motorists might not attract police attention, but i’d argue that you might get some dangerous attention from said drivers. a broken wrist might become the least of your problems…

a guy who was chased around his local area on saturday by a VERY angry man in a sports car until he hid in an alleyway. all because he took offence to me passing him (it wasnt clear and i didnt stop to find out the finer details). said driver then spent 10-15mins driving around the block looking for me…

Agreed, until you have been slammed against a wall by dudes with non ironic neck tattoos and told they are going to slit your throat, pissing off motorists seems kinda fun…

by doing something with the pure intention of pissing off motorists, you not only forfeit your right to get pissed at motorsist who may sleight you, you also join the ranks of marilyn manson and his ilk who try and shock people for the sake of being shocking.

Fuck alice cooper.

alice cooper’s shocking behaviour was a by-product of his music. if manson looked and acted like an average joe, people would’ve dismissed his music for the pile of turds that it is.

What about cyclists who piss off other cyclists? I tried riding into the city one night via some bike path, every dickhead had lights shining in my fucking eyes.

Anyway, a friend of mine, a few weeks ago, hung out the side of his friends car, and smashed the drivers side windows and all the panels of this jerks car because he cut them off.
While both cars were moving, I might add.

Some people are crazy.

man, you should listen to his radio show sometime. It rules.

Yeah, he is ace.
Also drag races, plays golf, and has been sober for 30 years. How cool is that?

i have in your car! he’s pretty funny, I’ll admit.

And here I was thinking noone actually read the article.

I’ll be wearing a helmet, obeying road rules and looking out for twonks riding Critical MASHSF style.

i just saw alice cooper walking down the street!

There’s always an opportunity to act like an arsehole, don’t let fines stop you.

School’s out?

I’ve seen him, Steve Harris and Kerry King all on the same part of Collins St.

Ahh, he is in Melbourne ATM. Should’ve heard how starstruck Mick molloy was on tripple m the other day.
Also I saw Kerry King in magnation last year.

It’s Mr Steve Harris to you mckenny.

I just saw a bunch of ‘50somethings’ walking down the street and wondered why they had Juggalo facepaint on… then I realised Alice Cooper was playing.

yeah i now realise that was a really stupid and short sited thing to say. hotel entitles me to 5 minutes of free internet a night so I didnt read the article and just jumped to conclusions.
sorry Brendan.

and sean, im with school so if I put it to them that we should go for a ride they would simply tell me “the education department would be onto us in seconds” and that it would be a “health and safety issue.”
which is shit because just driving through the small windy country roads will make you drool. there is amazing riding around here.