God damn rain!

Seriously, I know we need the rain and all but. . . ?! First time I’ve had a proper weekend off in months. In fact I’ve got three days off with sooo much to do and this happens:

Revolver anyone?

you’re hating it and i’m loving it. it makes me feel not so sad that i can’t be out there riding…

hope it clears up a bit for you!

Hmmmm, at least I didn’t have to ride to work in it this morning. I seriously love rain like this. If it’s going to rain, just piss down, none of this drizzle rubbish.

Two options for my weekend now:

  1. Clean the house.


  1. Get fucked up.

So out of EVERYONE that I (while half cut) tried to get to do skids for me in the pouring rain after work yesterday, the only one that would was the lass on the orange fixed gear, you rock!

Yay for riding in the rain.

BFF alleycat should narrow down now. There might be multiple prizes for every entrant.

Ha! It’s just air and water you urban vegan hipster pussies! :roll:

While you’ve been sipping your weak-double-decaf-organic-soy macchiatos and nibbling at your gluten-free-whatever-the-fuck loaf I’ve been out amongst it - punchin’ out k’s and loving that sideways-blowing hail in the face.

Harden the fuck up. Go for a ride. :evil:

You just put your yellow Netti back on and get on with it.

George, get fucked up then clean the house…

It’s not a Netti (but it is yellow :-D)

clean the house whilst listening the the new fucked up album! it’s tight.

no need to complain anymore, the sun’s out so get on your bike !!! :slight_smile:

maybe in footscray…

fucked up are an awesome band. epics in minutes kicks ass…

oooo you wanna burn it for me tick?

i’ll do it right now

awesome :slight_smile:

He’s a really nice guy. :smiley:

This Forum is so Friendly i think im going to throw up.

That’s cause you poked in the arse with a sharp stick by the a****s everytime it gets fun and starts heating up. :evil:

ride the train while listening to it. that was what i did yesterday.


You blokes don’t know rain. I am in the middle of washing my bikes and equipment stored in the workshop under my Brisbane house. The tide marks are 100 mm above the hubs.