Going to the dark side, from paint to completion.

Already posted this in the WYDTYBT thread but i’m having a blast doing it and thought I’d share.

So after going to my first CX race out at Ipswich a few weekends ago i thought it’s be fun to buid up a CXish bike and have a go myself. After getting this thing going

i took it out to Gap Ck a few times and had an absolute ball!! Problem was with tyres that skinny I found myself having to slow down quite a bit for roots and rocks that i couldn’t just jump over. Made me think how much fun it’d be on a Rigid 29er. After a bit of research and looking around i got sorted out thanks to John at Cycle Zone up at Mooloolabah with a S Rockhopper SS frame. Rest of the stuff is coming all over the place and through Gear Shop. Can’t wait to get it rolling.
Having a bit of time before the rest of the stuff rocks up and not really liking the factory paint I decided to make this one a bit different. First couple of stages posted below and I’ll post up the rest of the job as it comes along.

New frame

Sand, smooth n clean

Cover yr breathing gear

1st coat

Build list.
Frame:Spec Rockhopper SS
Fork: X-Lite carbon 15mm axle
Cranks: SLX with 32t Blackspire ring
Brakes: XT Ice-Tech w/ 160r 185f
Headset: CC
Bars: Race Face ones sitting downstairs
Stem:Giant 70mm
Hubs: R Hope SS/ Trials F Hope 15mm Front
Rims: Stans Flow 29 32h
Spokes: Dt Comp
Tyres: F Conti Rubber Queen 2.2 R Conti X-King 2.2 r

So it’s progressed a bit since then.

1st colour down

2nd Colour

3rd and final colour

Masking Decals

what the fuck?!

has dylan been whispering in your ear??

Black frames bright decals is the new black on black.

Totally thought about Dylan too.

I <3 U Bender!!

I resent the Dylan comments:mad:. There is still quite a way to go till it’s finished and there’s not going to be much of that colour left.

I <3 you too Azz. :*

Eh?! dude, you could do a lot worse in terms of comparisons. Dylan is a legend and a vanguard of style - you have been told.

ps, get yourself a better breathing aparatus. Dead brain cells, migraines and cancer are not so cool. Your hanky won’t do shit.

True dat. Many a king writer has died a slow painful death from spray can fumes bro. On a side note one or two have even been char grilled painting for prolonged periods in subways! Enclosed area, lots of fumes, spark and boom shakalaka. Keep the photos coming bro I’m interested to see how this thing is gonna pan out…

I got one just like this from bunnings for like $30 hey, and theres a mitre ten two blocks from gear man!!

I thought the tea towel/hanky was there to as an example of what the finished job was going to be, as the frame looks remarkably similar to it.

Dylan is King!

Haha, yeah the teatowel was just a temporary measure, i’d just got back from the hardware store and forgot to get the mask. Just wanted to get the first coat down. Got it sorted now. Decals and top coat go down tomorrow.

Taping and decals

Moar paint, coat 1 of 3

Clear coating? Looks Wonkaesque.

This is rad! I see where it’s heading now :slight_smile:

+1, initially I was like ‘hmmm’, now ‘yeah’

Yeah i was the same after putting down all the colour. Looked way too wild but even after applying the masking and decals it started to come together. Can’t wait to do the reveal after the final coat.

I’m lost.

does this help??

Marty did you sell that mtn bike frame yet?