Going to the dark side, from paint to completion.

dfunkt I think it’ll be majority matte black with flashes of wild colours won’t it?
What about the decals? Is he pulling those off to reveal the colour underneath them?


There we go. Penny. Dropped. :wink:

That’s it Azz. Will be mostly matte black with all the taping and decals showing through as faded fluro.

hot brah

Updates? Really looking forward to how this turns out.

^ +1 really wanna see it :cool:

Ok so got a bit lazy with the updates. The frame had to be sanded back quite heavily in a few places due to a few runs that i noticed in the fluro layer. So I’ve been laying down more black as often as drying times will allow. Still a few coats away from pulling the masking off though.

Forks rocked up the other day, they’re so bloody beefy and incredibly stiff with the 15mm maxle.

They didn’t last long before I had masked off, sanded and got cracking with the paint.

I’m still in limbo with the hubs and spokes so that is going to be the determining factor when it comes to getting this thing on the dirt. Either way I can’t wait!!

Oh, these rocked up too.

Frame unveil time.
All black

Taking it off slowly

Pretty F’n happy.
Now have to match the paint on the head-tube to the fork and start the process over again.
Hubs and spokes should be here tomorrow morning so wheels will be built up then. Will just have to wait for the brakes and headset to rock up then take her for a spin. Fkn yiew!!

OH. YEAH. So good! Nice work man, looks a treat.

Digg’n it bro. It’s like Stealth-Glamrock. Mad.

That paint job is rad, love to see this thing built up.

Love it.

Wow. Dude. Sweet.

Nicey nice

Fricking awesome. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Nice work.

Looks awesome. Get some better pics out in daylight

Updates please!!!

looks unreal.

whats the trick to pulling the bits of masking off and keeping the lines around it nice and crisp… (not taking any paint off with the mask?)

Update time.

My old polo bike that inspired me to do this.

The forks in their first few stages

Then tape