Gold Pinarello, Campy everything

Not ebay, but a gold Pinarello for $10…I reckon you could talk him down though.

Pinarello with ICS Golden 18 K Campagnolo Grou - Medway - NSW - $ 10.00

$10? whats the go? fuel to get there and back would be worth the $10 Pinarello… hmmmm

If it looks too good to be true… its ‘pick up only’ near belangalo forest.

nah the seat angle is a bit off, i wouldn’t bother.

He probably meant $10k

I reckon you’re right. The Victorian telephone number leads to the message bank of a David Alrich. The recorded message is spoken in fluent English - unlike the listing. The e-mail address is and sounds suspiciously spam-ish…so I sent my credit card details just in case. :wink:

Hang on…I thought I’d read that description before!

Pinarello with ICS Golden 18 K Campagnolo Group (eBay item 200521589860 end time 27-Sep-10 05:57:49 AEST) : Sporting Goods

Same picture, too…cleverly disguised by mirroring the image.

Response from seller:

This is the starting price.I will sell it for $US 1000 with free shipping included.You`ll not get such a bike for $ 10 :))

I think he has confused The Trading Post with Ebay.

US$1000 ?? This is ultra scam-town.

oh mann that thing is gorgeous!

^ It can be yours for $1000!

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Should send this thread to the d00d.