golden goose

BENOTTO | Superior Italian classic steel 80th | Columbus | 18 carat gold | eBay

i’d buy it if the cranks were polished…
what is that bartape?

so thats all thats stopping you? haha its Bennotto tape

rizors and arrospok or GTFO

no way. Twin spinergys.

meh. This is even blingier. (IIRC cyclomondo also has an oro Colnago or similar?)

How good does he pack the thing!! and only $120 postage:)

yeah but its ugly on account of its size, a 52 will never be a beautiful bike to look at no matter what

What is the optimum size for a bike aesthetically in your opinion?

i’ll say 55cm

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder who has short legs. Looks pretty bloody good to me.


58-61, 53 doesn’t even have a head tube…

60 ST 58 TT

Visual perfection

+1 - 55 square = beauty :smiley:

57-58cm square is my optimal visual aesthetic size

56 square for me… Although some bikes look great at 54-55sq too…

Agreed. I always thought 55-57, but after building two 53cm bikes for my partner, I reckon 53 looks damn good. 53 at the smallest, over 58 is getting a bit too tall.

i like 54sq

going to say 55sq or 55/56, but then thats just about my size so maybe i’m biased