Gonz lab pursuit


Track Fixed Single Fixy Pursuit Bike | eBay

“impossible to ride without countless people stopping to have a look”
because it is ugly. very ugly.

Been on there a few times

it is not hideous because it was number one.

get off the grass this is rad.

would ride. wishbone (fork!) stays. awesome

Silver/black wheels and better colour paint, and you’d all be losing your siq fixie shit over it

Heinous would be more accurate.

Sik fixie brah

Would not ride.

I had one of these hey, got flogged. When I bought it many many years ago it was almost identical apart from the bars, yes all pink! I just moved the original pink wheel set on friday for a carton of little creatures to a mate. Apparently the frame was an Europa chopped into wishbone style by that Gonz fella. I took it back to metal and I gotta say the welds WERE NOT shit hot! Strong n all but not pretty. It ended up looking like this, brizzy peeps will know it…

Here’s a better shot with bonus potato for the haters

Wonder why it hasnt sold?