Good April Fools

i hadnt seen any so far today (maybe i lead a sheltered existence) but was keeping my eye out, and was glad to catch on to this pretty quick. :smiley:

Non bike related;,22023,25273609-661,00.html

I laughed: :slight_smile:

fyxomatosis ?

Id put money on it.

A joke is a joke - but isn’t that taking it a little far?

I’m hoping its a joke…

Looking forward to checking in with some trepidation tomorrow…

well, i mean traditionally it has to be posted before midday to be a joke, but sometimes people don’t appreciate the rules.

wow if not

They tried to make us think it was an April Fools…but it wasnt :cry:

trackcunt is back at it again.

If they were going to change names they should have picked one that was better.

farkin fail.

Alpine Legend

toot toot … there’s a Swiss Tony cameo/reference if you’re quick

official site

(Now I’m looking forward to the Ring edition of Singstar.)

The quarter of an Oury wide riser bar joke was a good one last year.

I think Brooklyn Machine Works did it.