good bike shops.

I’m in Melbourne in January and I wanted to suss out some quality bike shops as I’m looking for a new frame & we’re slightly challenged in Adelaide.
Any recommendations?

Peas. :]

I can recommend using the ‘search’ function. We covered this a while back.

EDIT: Sorry, I thought we had. Mascot Cycles in Bridge Rd seem ok. They mostly deal in Campag bikes. They stock Coppi road and Bianchi track frames.

Havent we only covred shitty bike shops? not sure we’ve done good’ns

I agree this thread has merit.

I would recommend iRide at King St Melbourne

Bike Now on Kings Way ive had good service in.

Abbottsford Cycles are good for sundries like chains and bolts and things, but i wouldn’t leave my bike there for any kind of service, they seem a bit forgetful.

def forget Fitzroy Revolution off bruswick street they are grade A cunts, some on this forum will say different (Brendozz) but theyre cunts.

Pony Bikes seem nice to deal with.

Shifter Bikes are pretty good, but its appointment only which can be a headache. he is the best mech in town though. nice guy too

you know what i think we have covered this.

+1 For Abbotsford and Shifters if you want sundries and service. OP was after frames though, I think.

Cecil Walkers sells their own frames. If you have the cash, Fyxomatosis has some nice ones.

Just on the general topic of decent LBSs, on the south side I’ve always had pretty good service at O’Mara’s in Chelt, and from William and his crew at Beach Rd Cycles (although there’s this dodgy young bloke who’s in there on Thursdays & Sundays, best to steer well clear of him :wink: ).

Yeah, dude looks like a lady

i think we have covered this topic in general, and XDAX and i have talked about his experiences at the Revolution. they sponsor me (so they can’t all be cunts), have a couple of very good mechanics (sean the man, lauren, DC), and have an increasing range of track and fixie parts. make of that what you will.

it is possible old mate caught them on a bad day, as others have positively raved to me about the service there. it happens, and it does burn people off. that’s a shame.

best go in there and decide for yourself.

others stores: i can only echo what others have said.

but BSC are horrible - with the notable exception of the QV store. for some reason all the good people working at BSC are concentrated there.

Human Powered Cycles in Thornbury always has good gear, friendly service with a café attached.

I had a good experience at Fitzroy Rev when I was down couple of weeks ago. Went in with a flat and they let me borrow the tools to change it out. Happy days. Due to that I went back in a day later and got myself some nics to save my ass.

Spoken in stkilda…

He’s a gruff fella, but I reckon he’s alright… Awesome bikes too…

I agree, Spoken are retrogrouch cunts with bad chops (whats that about anyway?) but they do a very good service at a pretty good price.

if your in the area or need a frame painted or built Cog Café in Mt Evelyn i couldnt recommend enough.

fitzroy revoution are a pack of bastards. avoid at all costs. i used to go there when i had little idea about bike mechanics, but they just rip you off and give mediocre advice.

Thanks for the tips guys.
Sorry if it had been covered before, I don’t really know my way around the site very well.