Good buy, yes or no?

Looking to buy new track wheels and wondering if this price is any good?

Might want to give a direct link instead of a link to your session shopping basket like Campagnolo Rear Wheel Pista Track Tubular

Ok the price for the wheelset including freight was AU$645.41, I was wondering if it’s a good buy price wise?

it’s incredibly cheap. take them to dan for pimping once they arrive.

I’d need tyres also, recommendations Brendan?

veloflex records. vittoria pistas. dugast.

you’ll probably need a sweet carbon frame, too. fortunately i know someone with one for sale…

Bwahahaha funny you should say that cos so do I and it’s not you but the very same frame!


+1 on veloflex records.

Wheels with Vittoria Pista’s + freight is $802.19

The wheels are a good buy, but the vittorias arent. If your going to spend that much money, spend a little more, go the veloflex records. Generally always try and avoid Vittorias, theyre preety shit in comparison to other tyres in the same price bracket. I know from experience, all the vittorias that ive ever run on various types of bikes have been rubbish. AND, veloflex records are amazing.

maybe it’s you. vittoria rubino pro 3s are some of the best all-round tyres i’ve ever had. and vittoria open paves are some of the best tyres for cornering and general shitty conditions. and while veloflex records are awesome for the track, veloflex paves on the street and/or road totally suck.

Every tyre manufacturer has both shit and great tyres in their range. Maxxis for instance make possibly the shittest tyre of all the Detonator, while they also make a higher-end Columbiere which is actually really good.
Vittoria Zaffiro are pretty crap, but the Open Paves are the best tyre I’ve ever used.

Don’t the AIS use Pista Evo tubulars?
Also consider Schwalbe Ultremo tubulars too.

Vittoria hyper-randos are a killer commuter tyre. Feel good, roll nice, great puncture protection.

I’ve ridden the Pista Evo’s on the track and can tell you that they are a seriously fast tyre. However they puncture at a ridiculous rate, first in about 4 weeks the second in another 2 or 3. The fact that they have changed the lights and there’s probably for crap than usual on the ground at DISC didn’t help.

As a result im going back to the standard Vittoria Pistas. Reasonably fast, never had a puncture with them and at $34 each from Wiggle you can’t go wrong.

they do. and diamante pro clinchers for training.

Except for that one puncture I got this morning!!
(Otherwise its been a perfect tyre. I also have nothing else to contribute to this thread)

A number of Aussies have made the move away from the Pista Evos to what looks like handmade FMB’s

I ran open paves for about 6 months on my road bike, I got like 4 punctures within the first two weeks. I dont know. Ive only had really bad experiences with them.

how does that measure the performance of the tyre? we’ve all been there and had numerous punctures within a short period of time. more unlucky then anything. i got 3 punctures within 3km on the joyride.