Good Call Spuddy!!

That is fucking hysterical. I’m still in tears.

Well done Spuddy. Where do you find this stuff?

Check out the entry for Monday, May 01, 2006.

Extra points if you can name the movie…?


Ha ha ha ha…that is brilliant (in a sadistic way).

Should be a picture of a geared bike in there :roll:

Can someone please explain the photo of the guy with his dick in the exhaust pipe of a car. Not only does he choose to wear womens clothing (not that i have a problem with that becasue we all like to indulge :wink: ) but he then get a mate or times camera to get a photo and then put it on the internet??? One of the funniest things I’ve seen :lol: , apart from the photo of Rhino with a heart rate monitor on.


lalalalalalalala no idea what you’re talking about…


That bloke is whacked.