Good candidate for a respray.

Vintage Chesini Arena frame and fork, Columbus SL-SP | eBay

The pantographing straight into the HT and CS is weird shit,
I’d be worried about cracking

Why the fuck would you re-spray it?? Because it’s not matte black?

Bait taken!

cant imagine Panto into HT would cause any dramas…head tube badges have been drilled into head tubes for years without dramas… and yeah…wtf would you respray it …might bot be your cup of tea but would completely f#uck a very nice original frame…forever…in my opinion anyway

and again:)

Hehe that paint is sick. Imagine trying to get something like that duplicated?

oh… :frowning:

hah nice

Awesome, pretty unique candy cane paintjob there, they could have taken some more photos of it though…

reckon he could pack them better too.

i thought my computer was wigin out when i went to the page, scrolling and downloaded and it looked like ebay had a stutter