Good Evans it's a Ken!

Go. Vintage KEN Evans Road Bike Frame Kenevans Sport Reynolds 501 in Melbourne, VIC | eBay

I just bought a wheel off this guy and if I hadn’t just bought a few bits n’ bits I’d grab this too - good dude, open to BIN offers, fast poster.

my heart skipped a beat … if it was 753 & with a chrome fork that would have been mine custom ordered with Ken ca. 1986/7

same paint scheme exactly

Someone on here should definitely buy it then and make a “Spirito replica”…
If it’s good enough for Eddy…


haha !!!

to finish the replica you’d need to source a blue san marco concor that had the white criss-cross stripes running through it, similar to this …
Used Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa Saddle Late 80s | eBay

and I had a blue to white fade bar tape (blue in the drops, white on the tops).

MA 40’s and Shimano Sante 7 speed. the 1st Sante mini-group in Oz !!!

It was a very cool looking bike. I waited about 8 months for it & was paying it off every week for almost 2 years. then discovered cars & chicks and can’t remember what I did with it. prolly sold it for a bag of weed or new doc martin’s & a fred perry :frowning:

Debating about getting it!

All of you are jerks. I’ve been watching this… not that I need it… I want an 11 spd gruppo more.

The forks look like they have a crack at the ends.

Had a crack, did not win.