Good Feels Fixie Video from State Bicycle Co.

Wait for the end scene. Oooff!

Alive featuring Andre Kivijarvi

I love the look of this part of the world, makes me especially jealous of Rolly’s trip.

I wanna see dat rim after that ending

ive always wanted to know how the heck you clip/slip back in to your pedals when your bombing hills with your feet on the top tube.

say a car pulls out, are you pretty much fucked?

As kids we used a similar trick on our brakeless bikes - front foot in between tyre and fork. Sometimes it would hurt.

quite a few familiar spots in that…

Nothing like a feel good fixie video.

I saw 3 actual fixies on my commute this afternoon, including skids in the gravel at birrung marr and steering with the stem tiller style, fixies must be the new cool thing…

fast footwork gets you back on the pedals, then slow the cadence and get back into situation normal.

if a car pulls out you swerve to avoid it. :stuck_out_tongue: (or foot on rear tyre skid)

a mate of mine perfected the ‘no-no’ which was no hands (on bars)/no feet (on pedals). it looked super rad, but was pretty sketchy when used hill bombing (which he did - frequently).

TC: missing 2k7 :frowning:

Wow that is a bit of a butt clenching moment at the end.