Good Friday Fixed ride

Hey fellas is there one this year?

If so can we make it a bit later so that we can get some beauty sleep and have time to put on our makeup. I was thinking 9 or 10am at Fed Square

Des and I will be out earlier than that so give us a call when you finally drag your lazy arse out of bed.

ok i will let you know when i have powdered myself

9 or 10 d00dz?

Sorry guys i wont be able to make it to this one. I have just had an evil doctor suck out my blood. Will have to rest this one off.

I will be there saturday though so maybe i will see you guys then.

Pregnancy will do that to you Damoh. Who’s the lucky father?

Craig. What did i tell you, thats our little secret

i guess no one ever specified whether there was or was not a ride? i might go for one anyway