good friday ride

Hey who is keen for a ride out to wello point good friday? 8amish start, cruisy speen, back in via the bay? coffees/beers all that jazz?

Potentially, haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Will get back to you.

^^^ its tomorrow week btw :slight_smile:

You think I don’t know that? I’ve been stockpiling eggs for the big day.

Fuck sake who actually rides after 8:00 your all tripping,
6:30 should be the very latest some one heads out.

I’d be keen for a 100 or so if any ones keen to leave at cyclist time.

^^^ seeya…

its good friday brah, go get drunk on thursday or somthing… got a couple of tourists that want to go for a ride, so it will be around the 50km mark. go do a river loop at 630 then meet us

This I might do good plan red ill head out do a loop then meet you guys, are you eating out the bay or back in town

w/e ppl want to do im easy

yeah - i was just gonna suggest we do a loop and smash the shit outta it, then cruisy fr the rest of the day…
6:30 at regatta?

Shit just found out I have a family thing in Noosa do ill ride up there

Just do what normal people do and smash a century before meeting up with the foa crew

What was the verdict on this?

Yeah? I’m a def maybe, would have to organize someome to look after the little fella.

zee germans have pulled out so it’s, and i got poker on tonight so might get messy?

waking up might be difficult if there is not a great deal of interest.