Good price? I'm buying a 2nd hand wheelset, Need help

I’m looking at a campagnolo pista wheelset,
Apparently used 12 times.
It’s the modern set with alu rims etc.

The guy I’m speaking with is after $415 with evo pista tubs and a campagnolo double wheel bag.

Is it a (*great) bargain and I should grab it? Or is that an average price for these secondhand?

(I’m planning on using them for; investment in my future cycling development, To ride at disc)


If you don’t buy it, tell me where and I will.

Yeah total bargain, run it.

Sweet, thanks guys.
When I’m done with em I’ll pass them onto the Forum.

Out of curiosity, what would you guys expect them to normally be sold for second hand?
I tried searching ebays ‘completed items’ but didn’t come up with anything… I guess your expertise in seeing what they’re sold for privately through notice board adds at the velodrome would be the insight.

They currently retail for about $1000-1100 ish new if you hunt around online, can sometimes find them a bit cheaper.

Last few sets i’ve seen for sale on scumtree, ebay and the like have been well above $600 - usually anywhere from $750 - 900.

If I had to buy an alloy wheel for the track, it would be Campy Pista’s.

HLC (or anyone else who may know)

Can you give me your opinion on comparison;
how you would rate the Campy Pistas up against a
vintage ZIPP 950 Disc (track rear tubular 950grams) and a Vuelta Carbon Pro (80mm deep carbon tubular front 800grams).

>as seen in this image>

I have never ridden or even touched a Campy pista wheel before so am without a clue as to what is better. I say this, as I will probably sell off the set that is less ‘usefull’ in the context of longevity of track riding, racing, and hanging on a wall.

I have rode all of the above, except for that vuelta front wheel. The pistas feel stiffer but 950 disc feel a little fast for stuff like like IP and TTT. At a guess the pistas will be just as aero as that front wheel but way stiffer.

^^ good review…

On a side note, how much $$ for the disc? lol

HLC lol, PM me

The term spastic is about as cool as saying any other derogatory remark,
Really it’s 2014 do you even know what the term spastic means?

And if you don’t know what is faster there is no way you will ever tell.

Anyway seller bailed, said yet wanted more money.
Expect to see them on eBay soon I’ve been advised.