Good tubs for every day???

Picked up a bloody bargain of a wheel set last night and need to buy a new set of tubs to go on it. Any recommendations would be great.

For a street track wheelset? The Gatorskin tubulars get a good rep. I imagine the priority would be puncture resistance. You’re going to cop a lot of flak for running tubs on the street though.

It’s for the roadie. They just feel so dam good to roll around on getting back onto the bike that currently has clinchers just felt dead after riding on tubs. Sorta thinking about changing out the rims since I only paid half of what the hubs are worth for the whole wheelset. Was even thinking of stepping it upto the Vittoria Pave…

What are the wheels Marty?

Tubs are great - but we live in the land of the bogans and discarded drinking receptacles from their mating rituals litter the streets and keep puncturing my tyres.

I’d go the gators.

gator tubs +1

Are the gator tubs the same rubber compound as the clichers?

^^^ That’s what I’m worried about. I’ve only ridden on gators briefly and they feel pretty terrible and slippery. Thinking I should just re-lace and stick to the clincher way of life.

This is the set i got.
WOLBER Dura Ace Wheelset Road Bike Racing WHEELS NICE (eBay item 200602786164 end time 06-May-11 20:00:22 AEST) : Sport

I’ve used conti gator sprinter tubs on in city streets and rate them, very different to gator clinchers, much better in the wet. I used them on roadbike though so didn’t attempt any skip-stopping/skidding.

+1 for the gatorskin sprinters. Whatever you go with it would be wise to put some sealant in them incase you puncture. It can save a lot of headaches.