good value njs - 20 mins to go - melb

Bridgestone ANCHOR NJS Track Bike Fixie (eBay item 270739558132 end time 28-Apr-11 16:36:46 AEST) : Sport

Good for parts!

I was gonna buy for parts and sell the frame - comes with Royal nuevo’s straps, all njs bb and hs, seatpost, bar and stem and njs cranks. Wheels arent great but can sell them or thrash them. I just cant really justify them but if was my size would be all over it

i wish i had seen this ~3 months ago

gz to y***r

#@%%$^@% This totally came off-radar. Would have got it instantly @#@^%#^@%#

It has not sold.
I had a funny feeling it was a sellers bid, sent an offer and was denied he said he will not sell it for less than $800 but it is still available.