Goodbye vBulletin & Blog, hello Discourse

Oh this is new. :drooling_face:

Wow. Big change!. Also 20 character post minimums?

How do I get to the most recent messages in a thread when there are no page numbers? Am I blind?

There is a scroll blue line on the right of this text ----->

… I played with that. The scroll bar doesn’t take you to the end of a 10000 post thread for example. I just figured out that you have to click on the time of the last post, e.g. “4 days ago”. That takes you to the last page.

I made it. My second Discourse forum in as many weeks and I’m still wrapping my head around how they work.

@eraser215 browser or mobile?

Browser: press end to go to most recent, or home to go to the first post (or drag the slider to the post # / date you want (no dates in mega threads))

Mobile: tap on the blue scroll bar at the bottom of the screen, then drag it to the bottom (or tap jump to and type in the post #, or the date to jump to and tap OK.

(Tested both in the 14.5K post SJ thread just then)

amazingly, that’s how they work

Thanks @AL9000. The problem must be my brain. I just tested the same on Firefox Quantum (desktop) and got the same behaviour as you described. I could have sworn that it would jump up and down by a “page” but not all the way to the start or end of a long thread, but clearly I am wrong. Thank you again.

How do you quote people on this newfangled Discourse whatsit?

Like that ^^

You just highlight the text and it gives you the option to quote.

Got it. Thanks. 20 characters.

I think we have more than 20 characters on here.

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Not these days lol…

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We barely have 20 people.

Going to need some downtime tonight for an upgrade, should be <10 minutes, will try and do it after 12am

Links dont always work on mobile browsing, I just get a generic google search page. Just me?

what sorta links? got any examples??? like external links to other sites or?

External, like Pinzo’s gumtree links in the Kenevans thread.

Same for me…just those recent ones though.