Got a spare $8k for a saddle?

Are these guys trying it on, or what?!

New Rubar Emir Rtes Bike Saddle Seat - Black x Green- 255g | eBay

gotta be a typo, check their other items (but don’t be tempted by the stockings)

10% off!!! bloody bargain!!

I am not happy.

I bought one of those saddles last week and I paid USD 9,999.00 for it and now they are selling them for USD 8,999.10.

I guess it’s an error when they listed the sale price. One has sold, but it sold at 49.95: eBay Australia Item Purchase History

that or a ‘scam’… seeing this increasingly on ebay, where sellers sell multiple items at a cheap rate, then crank up the price and hope that buyers see ‘22 sold’ and think it’s a good price.

in this case, probably a mistake, although they do have another similar saddle listed at $900.


“holy shit check out that 9k saddle!! wonder what other ridiculous things he has… Oh wow, those stockings are actually really nice and a pretty good price.”

I thought this thread was going to be about the NOS 1933 brooks that’s up right now.

money laundering…?