Got bucks?? Lynskey deal...

Lynskey Cooper ti frameset with SRAM/Stan’s/DT wheels US$2145 shipped

thinkin’ of selling a kidney…

(…or maybe a kid, could probably get a good dollar for the blonde one…:confused: )


Must Not Acquire.

Really nice. Pretty expensive for a ‘solid commuter’ :slight_smile:

But it’s the only one you’ll ever have to buy!

with one of those in the quiver I’d have to change my nick to “Admiral Commuter” :cool:

I know a guy who has 3 lynskeys.
Cerrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy bikes with custom paint jobs.

I find it funny how quickly disc brakes have come into fashion- would have expected more hostility from the traditionalists.

Nah - all these guys race MTB as well, so they know how much better disc brakes are and how retarded the UCI have been in dragging their toes on this one.

i know a guy who has a lynskey and he likes it.

Yeah but he’s a bit of a cvnt.

bit of? 100% arsehole more like it.

somebody chart that.

I thought that you didn’t need disc brakes on a cx bike as you don’t need to stop that much?

riding disc brake-less really helps you feel at one with you CX bike and the filth you’re riding in. it’s a zen thing

my opinion (fwiw) is that the argument/preference against them is that the additional stopping force provided isnt as useful as it is in mtb-ing (where descents and more technical courses require shorter stopping distances) thus the weight penalty for running them (and the nuisance for the semi-pro joe) isn’t worth it.

it has too much of an identity crisis (and i know it is cx)…

titanium, wood, disc, drops and those cranks…
bit of everything, all of nothing

So, has anybody said ‘Flanders’ yet (no, not Ned)? Road spacing = 127/130mm. What is a cx bike but a monster-roadie? If you’ve got a 135mm rear disc hub, you can’t rip your singles off your roadie wheels, slap on the knobby tubs, whack them into your other bike and go and smash your repurposed Mavic Oro rims The Bici | Vintage Cycling Goods to death on dessicated cowpats and half-buried WW1 munitions, now, can you?

Bloody septics: does every pursuit have to be made in their retarded (self-)image? 26" x 1.X" - what sort of spaz wheel diameter is that?

Bring back the good old days. Fractional inches, metric for the continentals, 127mm rear spacing and Gary Fisher and Tom Ritchey and all of their seppo mates riding their fat arses round in Coupe de Villes or on Schwinn Excelsiors, and keeping their damn’ fool ideas to themselves.