Got Cash?

I just got my first ever bonus, five hundred bucks baby!

Got me wondering, if you suddenly came across $500, what would you spend it on?

Honestly, mine’s going to clear some bills, get some weed and a new deck… Anything left over will be food shopping money.

And by food you mean lollies and bikkies hey :wink:

Whenever that happens to me it usually just goes to whatever big bill I have coming up next… #mortgagelyf

^ Yep. On the few occasions I’ve received a bonus it usually just gets absorbed into the bank account. Doesn’t help that they usually land after Christmas when I’m feeling broke.

straight to the holiday savings for me. I understand paying bills with it BUT, if you didn’t get a bonus you would have found a way to pay that next big bill without it.

Last year i spent my bonus on Rapha, and my mortgage (which subsequently got redrawn for a second mortgage and reno’s doh).

This year, if i get a bonus (had a better review, why shouldnt I?) i’ll probably spend a bit on bikes, a bit on a holiday, and a bit on a new deck/pergola, and lastly if any is left over, dump it on the mortgage. How’s the serenity.

Fancy restaurant with that special person?

yeah mortgage first, wedding second, and then something cycling related. Just bought some Ayups, as I had a spare $300 left over from the last paycheck. Just in time for daylight savings and winter.

Always paying bills and maybe one “present” for myself.

Oh thanks, man.

Shellac box set?

Congrats on the bonus! They are super handy.

I would use half to pay off any debts/bills - then half on guilt free spendings. You need to treat yourself, especially after you worked so hard for it.

nah, jolan should buy this off me:

Disappointed that didn’t end up in your bargain basement CD clear out.

Creditcard them holiday savings

What’s a bonus?

investigate possibilities of getting a pet badger.


This is why you should be banned

feck you H!