Got me a freewheel tool...

like many of you i got a flip-flop hub when i started fixed wheelin (looking at you shirts!)
I got 16 tooth cog one side and an 18t freewheel the other.

…and that fucka is starting to rust and weigh me down. (still lookin at you shirtsy!)
I haven’t used it in about 18 months.

so on saturday i bought an old BMX tool that had been on the shelf at kenmore cycles since the 80s

it cost me 13 bucks.

but that shiz is stuck hard. i think my left shoulder is gonna be sore tomorrow from trying to de-thread that cancer. i might need some help and am willing to help mah bros out if they wanna remove any freewheel bullsh*t from their rides.


thanking you in advance…dj_glad_rappa

Righty tighty lefty loosy.

yep - that was what i was doin…generally

this is the story in detail:

lefty loosey,
lefty loosey,
lefty LOOSEY!!!
lefty WTF!!?


lefty tool comes loose,
lefty arm starts aching,

Rost off!! Drop on up to my place and we can give it another go. Pm, and i’ll get you sorted.

I had a similar problem on the weekend.

Ended up putting the tool on the wheel (held in place with the quick release) and then turned the wheel horizontally and locked the tool into a vice.

The wheel gave me enough leverage to get the freewheel off.

Like a rotafixa with a vice - but not really.

Did the same thing yesterday to get a old miche adapter off, best way i recon.

My method isn’t quite as elegant as a vice.

G Clamp freewheel tool on,
Hold spanner with left hand,
Use a entire Oryx Dirt Jump frame as extra leverage.
I slot the spanner end into the headtube and push.

The frame lives in my garage and is used only for this purpose.
I keep meaning to buy a length of pipe but I always forget and the frame is right there.

sounds like you should have paid kemore cycles $10 to take it off

dear-o-dear… it’s supposed to be left on there - the more rusted the better - as a statement bro :x