Gotta love Monday mornings.....

Anyone who ever complains of getting too much email should refer to this thread…

I arrived this morning to see my Inbox containing 119,500 unread messages. :-o

If I could figure out how to attach a file I’d put a screen shot here.

that’s ridiculous. here’s a tip:

setup a gmail account with any name, and forward all your email into it. then reconfigure your client to check your mail using the gmail pop server. in your pop3 client, set the ‘return address’ to your ‘real’ address (not the gmail one). voila!

now you will still be using your normal address, and people can still send mail to it, but it uses the giant google uberplex to clean the spam out along the way.

i’m still not quite sure how you managed to receive over 100,000 emails in two days though. are you bill gates’ PA?

That would be an option, IF it was spam.

One of our server components just decided it was a super ball and bounced up and down every few seconds since saturday morning at 4am.

Almost deleted it all now.

A couple of years ago, for a few days, I was unlucky enough to have a spammer use my domain as their forged sender address.

I was getting a couple of thousand messages per hour until the deluge stopped.

I fucking hate spammers.

They’re worse than your own servers’ alarms :wink:

Yeah I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago too. Some prick developed some malware and snagged the password to my Hotmail account, so everytime I logged in about 3doz emails were sent to random emails I’d never heard of and I’d get some pretty nasty returns!!! I just stopped using the account and opened another one. Fixed his lil red wagon :evil:

Pun not intended!

hahahha own server spammer.

easy solution: ‘;’, ‘t’, ‘f’, ‘blah@server’, ‘a’, ‘d’, ‘y’