Grand Bois Hetres

Hello FOAers,

I need help finding some Grand Bois Hetres tyres, preferably in the cream colourway.

Bit late to the 650b game but all my parts are arriving soon and I’ll be leaving the country so would like to find some asappp!

Have been to Commuter but think they are out of stock now.


Stopped reading after “colourway”

Dunno who else stocks them here, maybe give cheeky transport in Sydney a call.

I’ve got heaps in stock!

$75 ea, plus post


Ah shit sorry Keith. Totally forgot you distro.


Thanks Keith, will send email through!

Why no Compass tyres? Hetres 2.0

Not sure… Does Commuter have them in stock?

Call 'em, they had most of the range recently.

Some good improvements on the GB tyres, especially if you have tubeless compatible rims

What is their puncture resistance like? Obviously not the same as a 1kg Schwalbe tire, but have they got anything?

No belt, but they don’t puncture anything like a high pressure 23mm does. Very infrequent, or due to dumb stuff like super low pressure on rocky downhills while loaded.

What Blakey said.

I run both Hetres and Cerfs on two of my bikes, had one puncture on the Cerfs in over 3000ks. Mostly road rides with occasional dirt roads. I’m about to try Cols de la Madeleine which are 23 mm.

Hetres gonna Hetre

Are you saying they are all tubeless compatible?

23mm on a 23mm rim. They’re quite narrow. I’d only use them if the frame is super tight, much much rather the 26mm Cerf if it fits. Or the Compass Cayuse Pass if you’re balleur.

Definitely not.

I’m saying that the wide, low pressure, Compass tyres have a slightly different casing to the Grand Bois, and have been much more successfully setup TL. I would not run the medium/narrow 700C Compass tyres TL.

Thanks guys, I see Compass recommends tubes, but are they able to be run Tubeless with a sealant?

See above.

Some background reading that might be of interest

Not always super narrow. I’ll measure the one on my TB14 if anyone’s interested.

Re. punctures. I’ve yet to get a puncture with my GBs. Many KMs. Loaded, unloaded.