Grandad's Axe

“It’s had five new handles and three new heads, but it’s still the same axe…”

I bought this bike secondhand about two years ago. Since then its had new bars, forks, headset, shifters, cables, tyres, stem, bottom bracket, cranks, pedals, rear derailleur, saddle and now a new custom 853 frame and forks. I think the only original bits left are the cassettes, seat post, wheels and chains although the back wheel has new spokes and I’ve bought new chains as the old ones are too short for the new frame. But it’s still the same bike…

My grandfather passed away while the frame was being built which makes it even more suitable name.

Paconi custom 853 frame. 54cm seat tube, 52cm top tube. Midnight blue. Pure sex.

I only finished the build last night so I’ll take some photos of the complete bike shortly.

There’s a few more pix here.

Nice bike, nice story, but I worry for your wife or g/f if you think sex looking at a bike. :smiley:

Interesting workbench, any more pics of that?

Your obviously a man who likes his bars high…couldn’t you have done something in the custom frame design to reduce the need for spacers?

Nice bike none the less, although not fixed.

Good spotting, it’s very cool! :mrgreen:

It’s given me an idea, off to bunnings this weeekend to look at saw horses!

It’s a lightweight touring frame for Audax events (anything between 200km and 1200km). It’s more about comfort than speed. The general consensus is that the saddle and handlebars should be at about the same height. I guess you could have a much longer steerer tube instead but that just means you’ve got a greater standover height.

The stand was made by my dad. It’s got one of those heavy duty quick release brackets like you’d use to secure a bike to the roof of a car. the bit of wood across the top supports the BB shell. There’s a bit of a box underneath for tools and stuff. the whole thing clamps into a Black & Decker Workmate

I think dad wrote a how-to for a bike forum. I’ll see if I can track it down.

Any ideas for a work-around on these clamps? I don’t much like the price - about $40+. Maybe a piece of pipe the right gauge, a couple of u-bolts and a quick release. Too easy. Off to Mitre 10.

I’ve seen a car roof rack done with old hubs, so that is going to be my initial plan, a couple u bolts over an old hub. May flatten off the flange depending on how stable the whole thing is.

I’m kicking myself on this one, I have a bench vice that mounts in a workmate like this, never thought of doing the same for bike maintenance!

Drill a hole through the side of the saw horse big enough to fit a QR axle, washers on the side then nuts. Or bolt on anything you think makes a good axle holder to the saw horse if you want to lift the fromt end.

I’ve been playing around with this style for a while, trying to get enough adjustability for my range of bikes. Need to make it stiff or it is a pain to use and need to balance the saw horse so it doeasn’t tip backwards when there is a bike on it with a rear wheel hanging out the back.

I’m currently working on a wall mount workstand to be made out of a small bench vice attached to a post bolted to one of the concrete house stumps in mt bike room.
if it works out I’ll post it up.

Dad’s one is ultra stable, the length seems to be spot on for all my bikes including MTB.

Old hubs or decent guage metal tube. Hubs would probably be better for the dropouts though

some bikes look so much better single speed, and this one looks 10xbetter as a single speeder, or a fixie.

it does or would or wrong thread?