Graphic artist wanted please

pM me if you’re interested in doing some logo/branding


wotcha working (or is it scheming) on dude?

i could do some work for you, i dont come cheep though, have spent many many years in training…

examples of previous work…

:slight_smile: x 1000

Gold, user Jesseppi sunshine is from bris and a graphic artist.
Also ezy lee I think may have done some stuff for gear kit.

not to mention FOA


and Kumo, but that’s all.

I’d offer my services, but everything I draw simply results in negative conjecture as to the state of my psyche

Bulbasaur, I Choose YOU!

man, that’s Venusaur…

to me, it looks like Bulbasaur is being raped by a butterfly - maybe a dragonfly… anyone esle?

Is that why they rejected your initial LG logo concepts?

yeah - ditto with BP:

I reckon you’ve got a really solid portfolio.


more of the same: