Gravel-specific tyres from Compass

Found: Compass Touring & Gravel Bicycle Tires for Any Road

Cayuse Pass 700C x 26 mm
Chinook Pass 700C x 28 mm
Stampede Pass 700C x 32 mm
Barlow Pass 700C x 38 mm
Loup Loup Pass 650B x 38 mm
Babyshoe Pass 650B x 42 mm

The Cayuse Pass is meant to be 182g which is pretty impressive.

Get salivating ya beardos!

What advantages do these have over say, a Grand Bois tyre? Which I could also afford.

Has anyone tried these yet, especially the 26-30mm versions on a road bike. The specs seem awesome.

Commuter cycles are reporting they have stock of these. not full sizes/widths and i cant remember which social media they mentioned it.

Hey, I’ve been over Chinook and Cayuse passes. I was on Marathon Supremes though. One my favourite riding days ever.

Nice looking tyres. Would buy.

cool read, loved the photos too!

Wanting to up the tires on my commuter from 25s to something with more cushin’

Keen to hear comparisons compared to grand bois and similar

This is pretty awesome! Regardless of the tires.

The Compass Cycles landing page is awesome! The bike graphic makes it super easy to navigate to what you want. I wish other online stores did something similar