Grease Gun

I need to purchase a grease gun.

Anyone got any tips on what to look for -

Or better yet, a model/brand that is good.

Needed for regreasing hubs through hole in seal as well as general bits and bobs.



Phil makes one… the Lil’ Phil. No idea how good it is, but you can get for it a “Needle nose adapter for grease injection ports”.

Blakey - is this the grease gun you were talking about like a year ago?

I used to have one of these:

It was great for servicing rollerblade and rollerski bearings - I had a jig which the bearing pressed into, then you’d pump grease through until it came out green.

I suspect you’d need to get some kind of needle nose jigger for jamming it into bike parts. You are also limited slightly in that you need to use a grease cartridge, or do a messy manual refil of a spent cartridge with your choice of grease.

Cheers Nath,

Thats a great shop. I’ve seen it, but never been in and I think I’ll just brouse the website, coz if I went in there, I think I’d walk out and have to get a second mortgage on the house.

That Phil one looks the goods, though there are not images of it.

hehha yeah it is a great store! I went to get allen keys and I left with a bag full of loot :slight_smile:

these little guns look pretty good too:

Finish line grease gun
Buzzys Honey

Has anyone seen these in a local shop? They’d make great prizes :slight_smile:

I use one that was made for Manitou suspension forks - nice pointy end to fit small oil injection ports, and a standard tube of grease screws onto the side so no need to fill the hard way.

Nah, I have this one:

Works well, has high temp bearing grease atm, because that’s what I had. When it’s gone I’ll buy a tub of marine bearing grease. Not hard to fill, just use a business card and pack it in.

I use a grease gun to pump grease into a 5ml syringe (cheap as shit from a chemist) that is perfect for hub and bottom bracket re-builds