Great Anna Meares article + video

Was a fan before I met her, even more of a fan after chatting to her at NCXS last year.

This reinforces it.

Full program (pt1) - pt2 next Monday.

Australian Story

Has to be one of the best human beings to exist.

I agree, put me down as one of her fans … she does no wrong, ever !!!
If asked who our best cyclist in the last 50 years was I wouldn’t hesitate to say Meares !!!
She has been such an inspiration, a true role model and someone who’s results far surpass their ego.
A true champion, and a total class person.

Didn’t win the cycling cross though!

part 2 is up

ABC iview

good article on perko in japan coming up soon on sbs too. i’d find the link, or the time, or, you know, something helpful, but i just spent the last of my energy on commas.

Seeing her at the world champs a few years back out of the saddle and looking over her shoulder the whole way along the front straight at Hisense was awe inspiring. She also has the most terrifying pre race face, stone cold.

good doco…thanks for that

Shane Perkins documentary Ryokou on SBS : SBS Cycling Central | Cycling News and Results | Video Highlights

One of Australia’s most celebrated track cyclists, Shane Perkins journeys into the world of competitive Japanese Keirin racing in Ryokou, 6:30pm Sunday 26 May on SBS 2.

That footage during the credits of part 2 of the Anna Meares doco is amazing. That standing jump she does is very impressive.