Great DDCX video

Thought I’d post this up for others to see if they haven’t already.

Great to see the rise in numbers for the Women’s CX racing, hugely helped by Kate Lansell and many other dedicated volunteers.

Good stuff :slight_smile:


IncompleteStreets won’t toot her own horn, but I will. Her efforts have tripled the numbers over previous DDCX peaks and kicked off a whole bunch of enthusiastic women in metro & regional Victoria racing / hitting trails together / getting rad.

And that’s rad.

toot toot.

yep, quietly and modestly kickin goals. rad indeed.

Thanks fellas :smiley:

I think there is great untapped potential in women’s cyclocross. Similar to the growth in guys cyclocross, we are seeing sideways movement from the road and MTB scenes with some very capable riders getting super excited about racing cross. Cycling Victoria and clubs such as Hawthorn, St Kilda and Brunswick have been putting a lot women’s road and track programs and cyclocross is another way for those new riders to keep diversifying their skills. Plus who can deny that cx is a shit ton of fun. I think we are going to see some quality racing this year.

But cross is not just for the fast and the fit. The response to the skills sessions has been outstanding, with a bunch of regular riders who commute or do some recreational riding coming along to get skilled up and the confidence to get out in front of the crowds to have a crack. And that’s really what we are about at DDCX, enabling folks to have a go.

Female participation in cycling has been one of those tough issues that many dedicated people have been working very hard to promote over the last few years. I think we are seeing the pay off of all that hard work now and its really great that DDCX can be involved in a small way.

I have lots to say, yes. But my main reason for posting this is to point out to FOA users in general that there are many women who have been getting rad on bikes for years and there are even more women getting newly stoked on racing. Some of those women read this forum. Some of those women contribute to this forum. Just keep that in the back of your mind next time you go to make a generalisation about women and bikes. There is a reason not many of us stick around - its because we come across dumb shit that makes us feel alienated and unwanted.

TLDR? women’s cross and cycling in general is blowing up. Get with the program.


Awesome, well done and very very cool to see !!!