Green Pursuit

Just whacked this together. Kinda dinged and dented with bits and bobs from other bikes. Fricken tight all over which I am not used to. Should be a bit of fun.

I was going to drill the fork but may wait for a clamp on. Will just ride it without for now :expressionless:

Dude! That looks sick. DON’T DRILL THE FORK! Get a clamp-on.

Oh yeah, take off the rear rim stickers :wink:

Oh, is that part of the red chain I gave you for the chain whip? Awesome.

Yeah, I was going to give it back to you last week but it came in handy, fanks man.

The Deep V is Sally’s and she likes the ‘sportiness’ of the sticker and plus it fits in with her charcoal / red colour scheme.

B43’s are on order.

B43’s will look sick on that.

What ratio you running? Looks pretty tall.

Are they the cranks that came on it?

49-17. Ideal as it is only 1 GI less than the hillman. It was entirely by fluke as the 17 is “locktighted” on the deep v and Kym only had a old 49 hanging around. Choice Bro! :smiley:

And yes they are the cranks that came with it: SR Royals?

49x17 is good, it’s whats on the Malvern Star. The cranks look the same as Mandy’s.

Why’s the sprocket locktight-ed on?

Why am I asking all these questions when I can ask them all at Chip’s B-day drinks tonight?

That’s the recent frame from Ebay…yeah?

Looks good!

Nice tight geo too, a true track frame.

Is it Reynolds or columbus?

Sweet… I have a Pursuit roadie and they ride fantastic!

That is so awesome :slight_smile:

I probably wouldn’t go B43s myself. A Deep V set sans stickers would be sweet.

not to mention the front shamal is dope… and half the weight of a b 43…

“Hella Flush!”


The frame is supposedly Columbus but the bloke I bought it off (who was apparently state junior track champ) said it must be Italian frame as it had a Columbus sticker on it before he had it powder coated. when I asked what BCD the cranks where he said that it took campog chain rings.

Rode it on Friday’s alley cat brakeless and may keep it that way despite almost knocking over two kids, just about running through a red into a cop car and coming last.

The handling on this is awesome so twitchy. I might be wrong and it might have been new bike euphoria, but the short wheel base seemed to make stopping brakeless allot easier.

As for the wheels, the shamal is awesome, light, tight and stiff but this bike is going to be my street thrasher. I weigh in at 110 kg and am a little concerned about how those poor 16 spokes are going to cope. There will be a B 43 on the back as I am hard on the rear wheel and my Mrs needs her wheel back.

I’d be concerned about running a 16H front as an everyday thrasher, especially at your weight.

Nice looking frame, I really like that seat lug. Framebuilders the world over use Columbus, so it isn’t a good indication of where it was made.

One other thing, saying Shamal and light in one sentence is a little oxymoronic. Unless it’s “Shamals look wicked and they are not light” :stuck_out_tongue:

Its light compared to any of my other wheels and but that is not saying much at all as they are aeros, woblers and deep v’s all with high spoke count and high flange hubs.

I may need to start a new thread but on the weight of wheels:
Is it that you want a light wheel as this is part of your drive train or does a heavy wheel work ok on fixed as it is like a flywheel? I remember changing my wheels on a hill climb car I had and it making an amazing difference to my acceleration as it reduced my unsprung weight.

I have never worried about weight on a bike as I am a larger gent but picking up the different wheels just got me thinking. :?

Not an area I’ve paid much attention to as I’m no whippet either so a good wheel for me is one that stays true under my (ab)use.


Cheers. That started to make sense after the fifth read through it.

Bejesus, you’re in a total different weight division. As been said before, weight is only an issue when climbing and getting wheels up to speed. I recently changed to a pair of 1500g Euros on the roadie and noticed the acceleration difference markedly. However once it gets going on the flats its the profile thats important.

Anyhow, at your weight, I’ll be inclined to go for strength over and above anything else, especially for street riding. A lot of modern carbon wheels have rider weight limits of around 85kgs.

Lovely bike by the way, except for the stem which aint my cuppa.