Green Pursuit


Frame / Fork:
Airwalk/Alibaba generico ‘Pursuit’ in Neon-Piss Green/Yellow

Handlebars / Stem / Headset:
Nitto RB201AA with Oury’s / Nitto NJ Pro (Jag) NJS80mm / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS

Front Wheel / Rim / Hub / Tyre:
Kinlin Rim / Novatec Hub / Fyxation Session 700x23c

Rear Wheel / Rim / Hub / Tyre:
Kinlin Rim / Novatec Hub / Freedom Thickslick 700x23c

Crankset / Bottom Bracket:
Dura Ace 7400 / VP cheapy

Saddle / Seat Post:
1986 Turbo / Shimano AX (i think) Aero

Pedals / Chain:
1973(ish) Campagnolo with MKS NJS Clips & Cadence Doublestraps + doublizers / KMC Kool

Gearing / Chainring / Misc.:
Roselli 17t / Shimano 52t / Custom ‘Beers Instead of Gears’ Decals

Great fun to ride. Cops all sorts of abuse and don’t get paranoid locking & leaving it.

52/17…yikes. So what’s the story with Airwall frames?


and where the fukk are the carbon wheels…fail !

needs more pics with spinergy/hed3 and the nitto drops…baws

80.4 gi, feelsgoodman.jpg

Airwalk sorry, some random blog in HK or china or somewhere. Frame was fairly light for what it is… would be 100grams difference between it and my visp. I had no issues getting a frame out of them, but a mate had all sorts of dramas because the chinese government limit’s their electricity usage or something?

It’s a cheap frame and seems to be fairly bombproof so far!

Need spacers for the disc!! Even with my Dura Ace cog/lockring the threads are so fucking long!!!

Will get some on the weekend!

oh i thought the ones from drome day were yours, either way…should prob book some chiro sessions haha.

they are! I meant photos!

holy 80mm valve!

nice ride, front wheel dosnt quite suit for me but anyways, love seat stays that are bellow top tube and shit that back end is tight :slight_smile:

80.4 is what i run also, love it, suits me pefectly

i always wandered what brand frame that was. i used to have an airwalk like 1 or 2 years ago lol. held up pretty nice.
got hit by a car and no damage to the frame or anything

lol think theres a pic on that blog showing a guys frame (from oz) getting hit and the frame staying one piece… is that you??

some pretty competitve pricing, better deal than a visp/cycling deal frame henri?

well i got my Visp with headset and seatpost shipped for like $267

i got this for $192 shipped + $15 headset + $50 seatpost + $10 seatpost clamp = $267.

If you can get past the language barrier with the airwalk people, and dont have to deal with their weird chinese electricity cutoff’s and ask heaps of questions/hound the shit out of them, then yeah its alright. I’ve always wanted a Lo-pro/pusuit frame. Frame was dirt cheap so I thought whatever, give it a crack. Is it an upgrade from my VISP??? Well aside from the wheels I’m using a completely different set up with better components. So yes. Is it heavier than my visp? Only fractionally. There would be stuff-all weight difference.

i guess its not a fair comparison, track vs pursuit geo, alumnum vs steel?..hows the welds and quality in general though?

i love alloy frames because i like the crashy ride that they give… But i guess that comes from driving a car that is practically sitting on the bumpstops from stupidly low suspension. And the VISP was a little small for me so I had the seat jacked up and the bars rather low, so the bar/seat height are very similar between both bikes!!

That all being said, the steel feelsgoodman. Absorbs most of the little bumps n shit like that that the alloy (with carbon seatpost) did not! Welds look great, much better than the visp for sure! The only weak points look where the seat stays attach to the seatpost, but this is known to be a weak point in this sort of design anyway… ill let you know when I break it! and after hopping it off some decent ledges yesterday i’m more concerned about that front wheel collapsing on me ha ha

the only gripe i had was that i had to file the rear dropouts because they were a little dodgy (and fully painted). But i need to file the dropouts on my visp anyway because the steel sleeves arent completely flat.

final verdict? Aesthetically this looks way better, and rides way better - combination of better drivetrain as well. But I loved my visp as well, and is/was equally bombproof.

As far as cheap frames go, i’d take either. However, unless you enjoy physio, get a VISP (dont bother with the cycling deal frames, the rear stays/clearance is fuckin ugly!)

Nice Build, Not my Favourite colour but its your bike:)
This will look the goods with the disc and the spynergy:)

LEVEL Funny Bike- Road frame 58cm 24/24 (Red/Chrome) - $1,300.00 : Track Supermarket - NJS/Keirin track/fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts from Japan

Is the sort of thing you are after for the next project Henri?

Ha yeah Keir that’s been up for ages! Needs trackends though!! Either that or a Bridgestone NJS :wink:

There are so many up for sale at the moment on export, good deals on packages of parts as well.

nah that wasn’t me haha. i got hit from the side. i saw that ages ago too though