Greetings and salutations...

I’m new to the world of fixed gears.

Just finished building my first fixie and figured I should join up and say hi. The bike is an early 70’s Peugeot Rd frame and fork, with a Velocity Wheelset, Sugino Crankset and various other bits. I’m starting to see what all the fuss is about, lovin’ it! :slight_smile:

Once the frame has been off for chrome and paint I’ll post some pics, it’s a little too shabby for public display right now.

what’s with the sig dude?

  • Joel

Congratulations, you are one of only 2 people to ever notice the signature and ask about it. :lol:

There’s no story, it’s just a strange quote that I read somewhere and I’ve been using it as my forum signatures ever since.

that’s good enough for me :slight_smile:

welcome and hurry up with some pics of your bike.

  • Joel

old Peugeots are supposed to be a bit shabby!

what was it before you fixed it??

Before I fixed it it was my Dad’s bike. Back in the day it was a good bike, Mayfac Brakes, Simplex gear etc.

All of the old parts are still around but none of it is much good now. 20 odd years of sitting in a garage will do that to a bike. The frame and fork are in surprisingly good condition but in need of some TLC so they are heading off to kookie bikes to receive such treatment. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted it up in the post your rides section. I know old pug’s are supposed to be shabby, but I just can’t deal with having a shabby bike, even my single speed MTB commuter that was supposed to be a cheap run around has somehow ended up with XT cranks, avid disks and pro taper bars on it. :oops:

I understand completely. This is as close as it gets to a beater bike for me - my general-purpose, all-round street bike. My other bikes are in much better shape :slight_smile:

Upgrading…it really is a disease.

Well, 853, you’re sure roughing it on the “beater”!!

I’m actually finding it’s far too easy to upgrade the Peugeot. On any of my other bikes, all MTB’s, there are a limited number of parts that can be upgraded quickly and easily, everything else requires a lot of dismantling, and therefore a lot of time.

However, the Peugeot is so simple (eg. no gears, only 1 brake) that I can strip it back to just frame and fork within a matter of minutes and then have it built again in a similar amount of time.

Not good… I can see this getting very expensive. :shock:

Think of it as an investment rather than an expense :wink:

Aye, it is an investment.
Buy good, buy once.

And 853, the Tommasini is so not a beater. I think you really need another bike.

Yeah, something you can leave locked and not worry … you can rationalise it as stress relief …

Sounds like the perfect excuse for a new bike to me 853.


Kind of reminds me of a formula I read in an MTB magazine recently.

X = N + 1

X is the number of bikes a cyclist needs.
N is the number of bikes the cyclist currently has.

What makes you think I need excuses. When it comes to more bikes I seem to be very easily influenced.

Des, you need not comment.

hehe… fair enough.

I’m the same but having an excuse makes it so much easier to justify.