Greyhound adoption!! MELB

Hey all.

I know this may not be acceptable (wont understand why though) but I also know that a lot of y’all are dog people so thought I’d test the waters.

We have recently teamed up with a lady named Tracey from ‘Gumtree Greys’ (brissy based) who are a greyhound rescue/foster/adoption group that focus on greys being discarded on gumtree for free etc.

This girl below is Gracie and we have had her for 3 weeks now with no hickups and are looking to find her furever home in melbourne.

If anyone knows of anyone looking for a chilled, cat friendly, loving, affectionate 2.5yo greyhound then check her link out and get in touch with us. she is such a good dog and hangs with our Wolfhound non stop so is good with (big) dogs.

she deserves someone sick so spread the word!!!


We love “Gracie”! Melbourne - Large Female Greyhound in VIC - PetRescue

If you come across an excellent Italian Greyhound in Sydney can you please let me know! We’d need something smaller in our apartment.

Man did I look after your doge at Mr. Ed Today? She is gorgeous!! And thanks for the coffee mate!

haha well there you go. you’re welcome Melvin. I run STREAT a few doors down so come and say hi!!

greyhounds are better suited to apartment life than most smaller breeds. their slow metabolism and build leaves them needing more rest that run so they sleep 90% of the time. the group gumtree greys handles dogs in sydney so check it out!!