grips wont stick?!!!!

tried to stick a pair of oury’s onto some choped risers couldn’t make them stick , tried hair spray still to slippery the next day. Tempted to superglue and be done with it as it a do up to sell. Any tricks? tips?

3m spray contact adhesive (i’m sure other brands would be fine too) . Spray it in the grip and on your bar, leave it for about 5 sec then slide the grips on. By the next morning you’ll have em stuck good and propper. Then when you want to take em off peel it up a little and drop some turps in there and work it round till they slide on off.

Give them a few days and see if that makes any difference.


yer a few days sound gooood but shit a new pony in the stable and only till saturday ( when hopefully i will sell her) and man i wanna ride that thing hard. the part of the grip closest to the end of the bar is the problem the other end has stuck. i dunno know i’ll give it one more day. rode it to work today and man did 42/18 hurt ,not enough speed and to much spin.

Anot for ezy-lee she will be for sale at the bike swap/sell/but thing on at the front cafe in the lyneham shops on saturday 9.30/12.30 .

did you pinhole the end of the grips? (this can be done after the fact)

if not the end of the grips wont dry for a while.

it also helps put them on as you dont get an air bubble at the end of the grips.

Oury’s will stick to anything that is clean. No hair spray or other stuff.
If they are old and skanky put em in the dishwasher and they come out all sticky and new.
Clean your bars with prepsol, brake clean or the likes. No detergent base.
Burp them on with air.
If you want to be uber cool then lock wire them.