How long should bar tape last? I have some stock cork tape on my masi at the moment and it is getting all munted, especially after i fell off…
And any tips for wrapping drops? I have a feeling like the first time I give it a go im going to fck it up…

Also my chain is mangled… suggest a replacement…


bartape lasts until it gets torn. then you just ride with it and care less.

Electric tape fixes some post-crash holes. (Ice) Hockey tape is the true winner for mending holes and abrasions.

As LAM said… you either learn to love the scrapes and fixes, or you keep buying more.

It’s a product designed for people who have to avoid binning their bikes (6K roadies take crashes worse than brendan takes shared bbq space :roll:) and when they do its the smallest cost in their repairs, so isnt really intended to kiss asphalt regularly.

Learn to wrap it yourself… you will screw it in on your first wrap, but then you just unwrap it and try again. Like most things bike related… you will learn something new and when it comes to doing it again, you’ll be better…

And any tips for wrapping drops?

Roll the tape around the bars with the sticky on the inside.

Work towards the stem, tape down your cables with electrical tape before you start, don’t forget to put the small piece around the back of the levers.

If the tape’s not black, wash the grease off your hands or wear gloves before you start.

Black hoods = Don’t use black tape.


Mangled tape adds character. Leave it on for style points.

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It lasts as long as you don’t drop it on the ground. Wrap in a spiral fashion - copy another bike. Izumi chains are the best.



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