My lady has delicate hands and wants some new grips for her bike. She doesn’t like Oury’s or the ribbed ones she using now (I won’t make a ribbed for her pleasure joke here)… anyway, what other decent BMX-ish grips are there out there? In all black please.

hoffman (my gf had on her cruiser, before she sold it and got a fixie), SE which I have on a bmx of mine, and apparently those fyxation ones are pretty ace.

Strictly BMX in Sth Melbs = more grips in more colours than you ever imagined!

What about Odyssey Chase Hawk grips?

I’ve never run them (I usually ride Banton2’s), but they are very soft and doesn’t have ribs.

Velogear do some nice cheap bmx style grips

Good advice…
Strictly BMX

Some of the old school BMX grips, the moto-style ones, tend to have softer, comfier compounds than any of the new ones in shops for some reason. Not as sticky as Ourys though.

I have some of these and they’re rad to the power of 10,000:
Tange Kuwahara grips. old school BMX. nos - eBay BMX Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 14-Aug-10 23:05:57 AEST)

what about those cheapo ‘foam’ ones? they look comfy enough, and soft. Wear would be the only concern, but if she dosnt ride to often maybe not a big deal?

NOS OLD SCHOOL BMX OAKLEY 1 GRIPS - eBay BMX Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 30-Aug-10 08:11:47 AEST)

Jesus… if you thought NJS prices were outrageous?!

I ran a set of cork/foam grips for a while. Harder than normal foam, kind of the texture of cork bartape. Real nice, though they started to slip after a while. Didn’t wear too quickly either, they’re still fine after 6 months of use.

She rides minimum 100k’s per week, so she’s after something reasonably hard wearing. I reckon those Fyxation ones (or similar) might be the best bet.

ESI chunky #1
or those ODI

doesn’t like bar tape?

ODI Subliminals - The most comfy grip ever. You can get 'em in BMX and MTB versions. They’re light too (22g)!

Just warning that a lot of the guys at strictly I’ve found are quite unfriendly to deal with, very unhelpful and in one case just a bunch of dicks.
Wouldn’t bring your fixie in there…

on the note of grips
once again Odi long necks, you can’t go wrong. Just cut the flanges off, I hate flanges…

Yeah ODI Longnecks are very comfortable, but they’re also ribbed which may put them out of contention?
Even so, they’re super soft and a pretty good option IMHO

not interested in doing a short wrap of bar tape? i actually really like the look of a short handsized wrap of tape, and it’s comfy. Mind you im picturing on that on girls cruiser bars… or are they flat/risers?

I’ve been running these for ages. Only showing a tiny bit of wear recently.

Picked them up for around $15