Groin numbness and bike riding

So after coming home from the track last night and discovering that I couldn’t feel my manhood as much as I could the day before, I did a quick search on google looking for information about groin numbness and saddle types and stuff and found this article, which being both informative and interesting, I thought I would share

Groin Numbness and Bike Riding – Causes, Symptoms and Signs on

Apologies if it has already been posted on here, I did to a quick search and couldn’t find any threads on groin numbness from the past. I know the majority of you probably all know enough on this topic already, but it was somewhat new information to me, and as I said interesting to read as well

What saddle do you use?

i sometimes get this after a session on the rollers. it’s never been uncomfortable to the point of my thinking much of it and it’s generally gone within an hour or so.

Same here. I’m fine in the saddle for well over 3 hours on the road, but 10 minutes on the same bike on a stationary trainer has me numb. What gives?

There’s a shit tonne of threads on mainstream cycling forums about this stuff. It’ll probably come down to the saddle, saddle angle, seat height etc.

I’ve never had numbness last more than a little while after getting off the bike fwiw. I did get testicular cancer, but that was totally unrelated.

guessing it’s something to with the fact you don’t really get out of the saddle when on a trainer/rollers coupled with the fact you don’t really coast.

i had this pretty badly when i first got my rolls saddle. pushed the saddle forward a few mm and the difference was massive, shame the rolls still hurt like fuck, got rid of it in the end for something much narrower and flatter.

try that, if it doesn’t work, keep altering the saddle so as much of your sit bones are on the saddle as possible.

or buy a new bike

Specialized Toupe. Ensure you get one wide enough so that your sit bones are on the flat bit.

switch your super cool suede kashimax aero to something more suitable for your derriere…

I did

Do you use a riser block? I found before I got one I would experience a burning sensation.

Yep, phone books to level up the front wheel.

Sounds like you need to get an idea of what width your sit bones are after that it’s a matter of finding the right saddle specialized and arione offer there saddles in many shapes and are market leaders in fit look at there websites. After a while you get to now what saddles fit you for me it’s a board flat medium padded model it could also be your bike fit.

@ SanEsteban, rolly and supermarketoflove: I was using a club bike, so I have no doubt in my mind that it was definitely due to the saddle and saddle position that I felt like I had been kicked hard in the perineum by Hagrid… I did move manage to adjust the saddle a little so it was slightly more comfortable, but it was still probably the most uncomfortable saddle I have ever used. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be getting a few things to get my bike appropriate for the track so I can take it instead of hiring club bikes. Namely just some drop bars, but possibly a new saddle in the future as well.

I read on a thread on here earlier that the Specialized Toupe and Selle SMP are both great saddles (though apparently the selle is pretty pricey). What’s the Toupe worth? Anyone else here got experience with either of these saddles, or others they could recommend?


Not sure if your post was aimed at me or someone else slinky, but thanks for the info anyway. I will definitely check out Specialized’s website

I find a Selle Italia Turbo fine for long road rides, but the one on my track bike was much less comfortable on track nights. It’s the lower bar position - I’m leaning down a lot more.

I switched to a Selle SMP Evolution a few months ago, and it is way better. Not a bit of pain or numbness. Velogear in Melb had a special at the time, but it was around $220. Selle SMP do different widths and levels of padding - the Evolution is average width, minimal padding.

I was just saying a bad saddle for ya barse is what normally cause’s groin numbness.

You could try a flow saddle they take the pressure off the large artery in your groin.
I love the San selle italia SLR kit carbon flow saddles. Great shape and flex in all the right places
I have a selle San Marco regal on my track bike and it totally kills me a after any more than 20 mintues on the thing…

I was about to crack a joke about giving yourself a “stranger”, but then remembered that it is your hand that needs to be numb for doing that. Try riding with your hands on the saddle…


At risk of asking a question with an obvious answer, how does one get a measurement or idea of how wide their sit-bones are? Besides the obvious hold a tape measure to your arse, is it just a matter of trying different saddles until you find a size suitable for you, or is it literally by by holding a tape measure to your butt.

Few Perth LBS’s have an arse-ometer. By memory Riders Choice in Leederville have one.