Group Rides

yes yes. i watch big bang theory too.

I don’t suppose there are any early morning rides during the week? Because of my family/work situation (2 kids under 2, pretty long hours at work) I can’t make it to Wed night rides so need to get in most of my riding before work. I’m also doing it for fitness rather than for rad skidzz and wonder if anyone else does the same?

Is that where you’re learning about science? Read XKCD and you’ll be a professor in no time!

There’s actually quite a good blog written by David Saltzberg, professor of physics and astronomy at UCLA, who is also the technical director of The Big Bang Theory. Each entry discusses the science behind the episodes.

The Big Blog Theory

contact nikcee, him and some others do an early morning thing around kew boulevard. i don’t know many details cos it’s well before i wake up :slight_smile:

if someone organises a casual yet reasonably paced intermediate morning ride once a week I’d be more than keen to rock up and belt out a few k’s

Should I start organising one? I’ve been thinking of a 6.30am city meet ride but I’m not sure if I need the responsibility at this stage of the semester…

Where is decent coffee available at 6.30 in the CBD? Also keen to meet Carlton/Fitzroy except Brunetti’s only seems to be as good as the water they wash their dishes in the night before.

^I would be keen on that, anywhere Carlton/Fitzroy/City about then would suit me.

and look, something positive appears…

+1 for the morning training ride. City start suits me too, preferably somewhere with coffee :wink:


fixed or road?
i only has fixed…something like a tuesday morning would be good i reckon.

The whole reason this started was that fixies aren’t always welcome on roadie group training rides, so it would be quite ironic if we started telling people what they can and can’t ride now!

So yeah, ride whatever makes you happy =D

yeah but i ain’t keeping up with sime and co. on their roadies…that’s for sure.

Holy crap - where did my morning disappear to? Must be something in Gauss’ desk drawer about it.

Oh yeah - something about bikes too. Ummm bought a roadie on ebay last night to keep up with the (apparently all conquering, all consuming) lycra brigade that has invaded our Saturday morning fixed rides in Sydney.

I’d be in for an early morning gossip and pedal, just as long as its not a Wednesday morning. I’ve got a report due early Wednesday at work.

Tuesday morning sounds good to me.

+1 for morning fixed ride.

Happy to meet in the city or fitzroy-ish area.

Jimmy I’m not fast haha, I think it should be a ride what you want affair.
cutoffs, skirt, lycra whatever… Just needs to be a cool vibe so everyone feels welcome.

ok, Coffee in the city at 6.30 where is applicable? Beanstrokers Assemble!

Tuesdays work well with me.

If no where (decent) is open at 6.30 we could always get a post-ride maccaframaccino

my favourite kind of science - popular!

I can do Tuesday mornings, I’ll just have to be back in the city by 8ish due to an 8:30 meeting every second Tuesday.
I don’t mind ditching you all early if you’re going to be out longer than that.

works for me too…head home to collingwood for a shower (none at work) and a feed.

next tues? one after? 6.30 for a 6.45 roll out?