GT Avalanche

Not eBay, but got a chance to bid on a GT avalanche on a repossession website

Good chance of buying, this site generally gets very few visitors and auctions start at $1


Only one photo
No details
Unknown condition

Just wanting to know, assuming brakes, gears and such might need an overhaul or replacement. What is a safe price to go to so less risk of loss of money and more risk of good deal ?

I was thinking up to maybe $100, but hopefully alot lower, would be safe even if it ain’t much good.

opinions? Can’t offer too much more detail

heres the frame and fork for $120, so id say $100 is a pritty reasonable price, you would most likely be able to get atleast that if it was beyond repair. judging by the fact there is still reflectors on the wheels, and loads of tread on the stock tires, im going to assume its in good nick, and hardly ridden, but eh. id go $150 or so myself.

GT Avalanche 1.0 Frame 2011. Never been ridden | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Glen Eira Area - Bentleigh