GT pulse road bike, Sydney via London.

For Sale: GT road bike 56ctc in Sydney - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

" unless it’s crabon and very expensive with huge logo’s it’s not “sydney” enough."
he wins the internet.

cheers jolsie =D

What you gonna do with it Jase??? I might be interested in the group, pending the outcome of a couple of upcoming auctions! Lol

dunno, but its too cheap to pass up, so will get my brother to pick it up. Not sure when im in sydney next, but if your going anytime soon, or if your missus is coming, you can bring it back for me =D


thats if the guy hasnt sold it already.

She’s coming at Easter I think. Or I’m going! Could work. Maybes!

if i end up getting it, im sure we can work something out brah, maybe swap for parts etc.

Swapping your missus for bike parts?
You guys are hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

NOS is hard to find whereas women grow on trees.

confirmed 56 sq. too big for me, im outs.

All yours blakey

GT triple triangle matchy match!

I’ll buy this and swap it for your 55cm :smiley:

Then there will be no matchy match.

56cm La Raza however…

Then you’d be doing Kumo out of a frame build. Vaya for the win - already have the disc brakes :stuck_out_tongue:
(and it’s a touch big.)

Is there anything you’re NOT buying?

Ask the G-love how many bikes there are at my place next time you see him.
And I never bought the Tommasini at Bridgewater.

@Blakey - you said you weren’t selling the La Raza.

That was then. This is now.

Ah yes, and I bought that Brian Rourke in between.

He told me the other night when we were out riding.

Larfinboy - Is your avatar Marty Walsh? How many Geekhouses are you getting?