GT Triple Triangle Cyclocross 55cm

GT ZRX Cyclocross Machine Cycle cross (eBay item 190502328823 end time 22-Feb-11 20:59:28 AEDST) : Sport

And this in the description:

“If you ask stupid questions you will get a stupid answer !!”

Saw this earlier and was about to post.

Cant decide if i like it or not…

That’s a dog of a bike.

I dig it. The more i look at racier looking cross bikes, the more i dislike my big lumbering cross check.

what size is it and how much you want for it…??

i’m kinda serious. pm me if you like.

Rolly, its a 54, though Surly’s are super long in the top tube, which measures closer to 56-57. If i find a replacement, you’re first in line.

well the hillman is 54.5 c-c st and 55.5 c-c tt. sasha reckons it could be a cm longer in the top tube so might work out nicely… for my bike collection, not so much for my wallet!!! thanks man, i’ll keep my eyes peeled for ya :wink:

Wait, triple triangle AND cyclocross. Isn’t this a hipster wet dream?

Oh wait, the pics just loaded.


That is why I started the thread.

The kit is a bit random but kind of what my cross build is like, buy frame and the minimum of new parts to get it on the road.

haha triple triangle wet dream only applies to steel. Remember, aluminium is shit in hipster land, with the exception of Cinelli MASH and Vigorelli only

that’s pretty fugly.

Rolly you should have grabbed my poo check before dylan bought it I think dirt works are doing deals on them at the moment ask around.