Gt zrx cx 1x10

This be my GT ZRX CX 1X10, shake down run today was great heaps of fun… EKKA ride day is on!!

Frame: GT ZRX
Fork: Alpina Carbon
Wheels: Planet X Carbon with DT swiss comps to Miche hubs (Goose built, cheers man feel great)
Tyres: Challenge Grifo tubs
Drivetrain: Sram Force Shifters and cranks, Race face narrow wide 44T too X9 RD
Cockpit: Thompson too Easton EC90’s and Cadence tape
Seating: Thompson and Romin
Brakes: TRP something something

iphone photo is all I got soz

Looks great. Black GT is the new black Cannondale

fucken schwee

Mega cool.

triple triangle love, that is a nice rig, clap clap.

Very nice!

That’s cool! Perfect winter bike.

Very very lovely. This must climb trees.

black and gumwall combo strong.

Nice one Loki

Yes very nice.
1x10 is the new Cannondale

Very nice. Is this Gypsy’s old GT?


Fack. Looks so rad dude. Roll past Gear this week, I wanna see it!!

nice nice nice. very much what i’ve got in the works on the drivetrain front.

Is tuff, do like. Needs moar orange :stuck_out_tongue:

nice dude, but is that a drive side front skewer fail #nevernotcritiquing

YEAH MAN!!! I glued the front tyre on backwards and didn’t even think to just pull and flip the skewer!!! DERP. #nevernotstoner #stonerforlife

Much <3