rare 92’ YAMAGUCHI PURSUIT track funny bike FRAME 57cm (eBay item 110630293466 end time 07-Jan-11 09:56:52 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

That’s got your name written all over it … 'cept it’s spelled Yamaguchi

We could easily make up some Coffeeguchi decals, maybe even Coffeegucci just to wind 'em all up.

Go on … do it, do it !!!

check out what else he’s selling

Oh my…

Upgrade Fake Moser to Legit Moser?

So bloody tempting…

So cheap too!

Check out his 24crt gold cinelli.

This dude has sold some amazing bikes over the last two years…!

Eddy Merckxx complete $495!! If I had the money I’d snatch that.

i bought that same frame from italy like a month ago haha

fake edit: the moser one

Was perving on that moser a while ago on velospace. The guy is not lacking in bikes…

dustin on velospace, the place for bikes

Dude, its not complete and its not a Merckx… Are you friends with LukeR?

Holy shit!

Bullshit collection.

I’ve got a Pedal Speed magazine with this dude in it.

PS: I almost convinced the wife to buy the Moser…

This is amazing ZIPP 2001 carbon track bike on velospace, the place for bikes <3

Would love to ride this on the street!!!

pursuit king

I remember seeing that kenevans on ebay a while a go. Few others too I think, knew the photo backdrop looked familiar.

I’ll help you out, I’ll buy the fake which will cover much of the legit cost and that way it’s 1 in 1 out! Everyones a winner

Oh, My bad. But still. It’s a real awesome frameset. LukeR? No.

This is the best call ever.

Yeah Dustin is very well known for his bike porn collection. I dare say he is selling what he would consider the crumbs of his collection to make room for other stuff :slight_smile:

i’ve sent this guy countless emails in the past and he refuses to ship to australia. good luck JLN